Saturday, 29 November 2014

Peter Underwood R.I.P.

Author of over fifty books on the paranormal and Britain's foremost ghost hunter Peter Underwood has died. He made Seán Manchester a Life-Member of The Ghost Club (and later an Honorary Life-Member of the newly formed Ghost Club Society). Peter Underwood, along with life-membership, was to become a Fellow Associate of the Vampire Research Society in 1973. He was already a member of the British Occult Society, an organisation that investigated the paranormal and occult phenomena, which was formally dissolved on 8 August 1988. Its last President (1967-1988), Seán Manchester, collaborated with Peter Underwood on an anthology titled The Vampire's Bedside Companion (1975) that would include the first published account of early events in the Highgate Vampire case. He left it to his esteemed colleague to tell the full and unexpurgated story which he did ten years later when The Highgate Vampire was published by the British Occult Society in 1975.

As already stated elsewhere by Seán Manchester: the sad passing of Peter Underwood irrevocably marks the end of an era.

Seán Manchester's obituary for his close friend and fellow investigator can be read by clicking on the image:

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