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Books & CDs About The Wampyr

The revised and updated edition of Seán Manchester's The Highgate Vampire (Gothic Press, 1991) is the definitive account in hardcover of the investigation, illustrated generously throughout. It is the only edition that remains in print. Many illustrations and case file photographs can be found in The Highgate Vampire, most controversial of which perhaps are the images of the corporeal shell soon after exorcism.

"The Highgate Vampire" chapter that formed a major part of Peter Underwood's The Vampire's Bedside Companion (1975 & 1976) is out of print and unavailable. The Highgate Vampire first edition published by British Occult Society in 1985 is out of print.

The Highgate Vampire is a quality hardcover edition, illustrated with photographs and line drawings, revised and updated, published in 1991 by Gothic Press, and still in print.

The Highgate Vampire: The World of the Undead Unearthed at London’s Highgate Cemetery (Published 1985, British Occult Society - Revised & Updated edition 1991, Gothic Press)

Carmel though presented as a novel is nevertheless based on some real incidents. A generously illustrated large format paperback, this book offers the wider picture as actual experience mingles with a familiar history. Much can be revealed in the guise of a novel, of course, that could not otherwise be told. Published by Gothic Press in 2000, and still in print.

Carmel: A Vampire Tale (Published 2000, Gothic Press)

The Vampire Hunter’s Handbook also revisits Highgate in some of its chapters; while exposing many of the false attributions made by certain journalists, authors and even academics; some of whom were too young to remember the events at the time. Illustrated with photographs, published by Gothic Press in 1997, this popular work remains very much still in print and available.

The Vampire Hunter’s Handbook: A Concise Vampirological Guide(Published 1997, Gothic Press)

Archive recordings that include the voices of very early witnesses, interviews at Highgate Cemetery and other interviews with those at the periphery can be heard on "The Highgate Vampire CD" (comprising two discs).

The Highgate Vampire CD: Double CD of archive recordings.

The Black Witch Project is another CD of archive material from the period. This time in the voice of one whose "occult obsessions following an alleged encounter with the Highgate phenomenon led to his slow descent into darkness thereafter." (The Highgate Vampire, page 43)

The Black Witch Project: CD of someone at the very periphery of events discussing his pseudo-occult beliefs and activities. These are complimented by his colleague who can also be heard discussing some of the same incidents.

The Devil's Fool: CD of the principal bandwagoneer contradicting himself in a series of interview extracts that span over three decades and concentrate on the Highgate Vampire.

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